Sep 12, 2010

Rapid Intensification

Igor, the 8th named storm of the 2010 season, "continues to intensify at a rapid pace." Currently he is on a Westerly track approaching the Leeward Islands. But it does not look like he'll make a Caribbean landfall. Bermuda is another story. I'd be watching Igor very closely if I lived in Bermuda.

Since my last post Igor has stepped up his game in a big way, now packing 140mph winds making him a Major Category 4 Hurricane. By tomorrow night we could see our first Category 5 hurricane this season.

A seperate system to Igor's North is giving him his current Westerly path but once the system moves further and further into the Atlantic this will give Igor a more NW path towards Bermuda. Unlike previous storms such as Earl, the computer models are not totally agreeing and having a hard time pinpointing Igor's future track. Some have him diverting due N NW sharply by Tuesday straight to Nova Scotia. Others have him turning more slowly to the NW and then honing in onto the Carolinas.

Wherever he goes we are going to get waves thankfully. Unfortunately swell will start arriving during this weekend when crowds will be at a maximum. Don't run the tourists over its bad for local business. I haven't decided if I'm going to rent an HD video camera, an underwater housing, or rent a big ass lens. My work schedule is disappointing. I'll only be able to shoot in the mornings....dead low tide.

Right now it local winds look like this for the swell:

Friday - Light (6mph) from the South
Saturday - Light (5mph) from the NE
Sunday - Light+ (7mph) from the E NE

Maybe we'll get more of this...


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