Jun 19, 2013

My Camera Has Been Stolen

Someone came into my house stole my camera, hard drive, lenses, and PS3. If anyone has any info please contact the police.

The thing I really want back is my camera

It's a Nikon D800

Jun 3, 2013

Oh Hey!

I'm still alive.  It's finally warm.  And I've surfed for the past 5 days in a row.  What?  Kind of amazing duh.  So in honor of the first Tropical Invest this season I decided to come out of blog hiding.  Although I kinda wish I brought my camera out to the beach today so I coudl put  a picture up but the rain put a damper on things.  

Tomorrow I want to take a few shots.  If anyone wants to donate me a 70-200 Nikon lens I'd love that.  Hey, it's worth a try.

Apr 8, 2013


I've been in a blah mood lately.  I don't feel like writing anything either.

Mar 29, 2013
Sure we've had some waves this winter.  Four swells if you even want to call them that?  Bunch of bull.  I've been doing some other things.  Like bowling.  Riddle me that.  It's been so flat I joined a bowling league.  I'm lame?  No I'm not.  I bowled a 275 the other day.  So you cool kids may be better surfers than me but I got bowling on you.  And yeah I still take pictures.  

Here's something I did last weekend you may like.

Firstly if you haven't been to The Alley downtown you should go.  It just got voted best bowling alley.

Last weekend they hosted Las Olas's Hydration Swimwear Show and of course I was there to document it.

Oh yeah I made a video too.

Jan 5, 2013
Yeah I know, I've been slack the past month.  But to be honest though, the waves have really sucked.  We might be getting back into the swing of things later next week.  And sure I'll take some pictures, I kinda miss it.

Few that I've dug up.