May 11, 2011


Let me first say I understand how some of you feel about the blog right now (citing the comments in the previous post.)  With that being said let me answer a few of those comments. 

"Anyone notice how lame this blog is?"

I'll admit it's pretty lame right now.  Good observation.

"Yeah i liked it better when it was any and all pictures, not just the perfect lighting/trick/tide/swell/wind combo. There isn't an online surf report for folly (other than surfline) and this blog used to be a go to website every time there were waves, not anymore. My 2 cents....."

Any and all pictures is awesome.  I agree.  But I have a full time job and the summer time traffic coupled with gas prices (I live downtown) makes it difficult to get to the beach to solely take pictures.  If there were waves to talk about I would talk about them.  All we've had is waist high mush.  Hurricane season is coming and I've learned a lot from last season so I will be analyzing every swell that pushes this way.

"I knew you'd give up on this blog someday. You worked so hard and were so excited about it in the beginning. Funny how things happen. Do you even surf anymore??"

I really wish I knew who wrote this one.  Just from a curious standpoint.  But to address this comment you can reference my above comments.  No one has given up or I wouldn't be writing this post.  I'll be working hard this Hurricane Season or when a nice swell arrives.  I don't get the, 'Funny how things happen."  And yes I have been surfing.  I kind of like this question and answer I feel like I'm in therapy.  I bought a new tripod so I could take better videos.  When a good enough swell arrives the tripod and cam will be out.

"Haha i think thats the problem, when the waves are good Mike likes to surf instead of sit on the beach and snap shots of everyone else..... Can you blame him? This is a surfing blog after all and in the past 6 months i have paddeled out about 3 times, no waves means no pictures. Maybe mix it up a bit with some random shots every once in a while so people dont forget about the website."

 Seriously.  It's summer time (almost).  The water is warmer and it's just nicer to jump in the water then to sit on the beach and bake.  I need some good waves to get excited about taking pics in the summer.  I'd so much rather be in the water.  Maybe the reason I take more pics in the winter is because I am so freezing in the water.

This blog stemmed from my love of surfing.  First love is surfing, warm water, nice weather; second love is taking surfing pictures. 

Just think, there is basically nothing on the horizon besides a small bump over the weekend into next week.  While we wait for the swell to come the water is just going to get warmer and warmer.  The blog isn't going anywhere people.  I really can't wait to take pictures again and video.  Seriously.  Enjoy the beach and be happy. 

Mike C