Oct 26, 2010

Party Up

Follypalooza Party
Recently there have been many reasons to throw a party.  Two which come to mind are that it's still warm out, there are waves and the footage Bryant is putting together for the trailer I heard is phenomenal.  Massive things are coming to Folly for 2011.  Get focused.

Waves today, in my book, were fun.  You've been reading and hearing lately 'onshore is the new offshore.'  Well if you're apart of that camp you probably had a pretty good time the past two days.  I did.  The waves have looked terrible from the beach.  It looks like there is a huge current and there are no sections to be had.  But when you got out there the steep drops gave you enough speed to connect sections.  Good times.

The pictures were... eh.  Onshore winds may produce some fun sections but for taking photos; not so much.  A weird white sea haze fills the air which blows out all colors.  Nonetheless I have pictures from the past two days (only a few) and Follypalooza (few above).

That is all

Should be surf in the morning.  Cya there.

Mike C
Oct 21, 2010
I'm all done putting up prints in Mckevlins.  Thanks again to Brian and Mr. Mck. for presenting the idea to fill up one of the shop walls with my photos.

Go get a brand spankin new wet suit from the shop. Cause you know that hole you've been trying to forget about the past two winters, letting all that cold Folly water in, just makes it unbearable to duck dive.  After you purchase that hyperflex suit you deserve, on the way out... see if you made the wall!

No stressing if you didn't make the cut (I know how you feel).  Every time we get a swell worth printing prints I will put new ones up. 

On another note it looks like some 'swell' if you even want to call it that is on its way for the beginning of next week.  Any waves are better than this flatness.

And yet another note.  Many of you know I get out of work kind of late some nights.  But getting out late is cool.  If I'm not nodding my head falling asleep standing up I walk around downtown with my camera like a sketchball and take some night photos. 

People for some reason are afraid of me when I have my camera in hand at night.  One night walking back to my car with my camera and tripod in hand this overly freaked out couple caught a glimpse of me.  They were patiently waiting for the light to turn from red to green and I was approaching the front of their car (I was walking in the crosswalk going across the street...not sketch).  Well they must have mistaken my camera and tripod for a rocket launcher attached to a war club because their mouths dropped immediately, locked the car doors, and sped through the light before I could cross the street.


stay g'd up*

Late night emergency

I'm not a threatening looking human either.  Last time I checked people still think I look like I'm in high school.

*Oh and by the way, the speedometer one...it's fake I Photoshopped it.  Where am I going to go 110mph anyway?  King St?

Mike C.
Oct 19, 2010
Brian, from Mckevlins, and myself got talking a few days ago and to make a long story short because it's late; I am putting up a gaggle of my prints on one of the walls inside the shop.  Tuesday is the day all those pics you see on my desk in the photo left will be going up in the shop (its tough to see but there is a box on the floor with more prints in it too).  Support the shop and go check out the prints.
It was still flat but this guy was having fun today

Mike C.
Oct 17, 2010

Maybe Something

I've never been so excited to see a knee high forecast in my life. Just maybe, we might be getting some marginally rideable surf this upcoming weekend. Screw all that superstition stuff, I'm talking about the waves however much I like. If you can't tell by my demeanor Lake Folly induced depression has set in days ago. It makes me happy to think of the possibility of waves.

Waves have been so big I rented a helicopter to take aerial shots the other day...

night photography
Oct 14, 2010

Dismal Forecast

It's going to be flat for a while. You know flatness means no pictures, at least of surf. I'm going to dig through some old photos and take some new ones of random stuff to keep everyone less depressed.

People are finally catching on that you can leave a comment. To leave a comment you have to go back up to the title of the post.

Mike C
Oct 10, 2010

Folly hasn't looked like Folly lately. We literally have had waves plus offshore to no winds for the past month give or take. It's been a little gutless at times but there have been some really fun sessions. Yesterday we had our first heavy fog. That time of year.

I've captured a lot of pictures not only of the waves we've been getting but also the beach itself the past few days.

On the other hand the tides have been massive. From the hurricane swells we've had this season I'd say, judging from the boardwalk pylons, the beach has lost an average of over a foot and a half of sand. I took the above picture just because I thought the tree was precariously hanging over the edge of the dunes, ready to take a plunge. It was too foggy to take surf pictures so I went for a surf. Middle of the session I hear a big splash....

The tide was so high yesterday one of the new palm trees the city planted at the second walkover fell victim to the sea.

Waters been deep enough you can start paddling right off the stairs

Waves break so close to shore now

"Photographers" are coming out of the woodwork. Lately I have seen a million people with
telephoto lenses at the Washout. Where are all the Nikon people?

"Gary what'd ya get? I got the youngster in the red swimming costume!"
"Oh, the young fella wearing the red trunks! How about you Linda?"
"The young man wearing the red bathing suit!"

(not hating...have a laugh. Leave a comment if you really feel the need)

Spike strip for the Folly Beach Public Safety ATV...no open containers people. Lot's of sand gone.

Ok, the part you all scroll down to. The Waves. In no particular order except the order in which I took these (most recent to oldest).

Pelican's got competition

Another example of how close the waves were breaking to shore

Last Word:

Honestly I don't like watermarking pictures, it takes away from the picture's true meaning and effectively ruins the shot. Recently I have seen my pictures on other websites. This makes me truly happy that someone would take the time to post my pictures on another online photo album. I just ask for one thing: give me some credit. Link my blog or put my name on there; easy as pie.