Oct 1, 2010

Nicole For Real Delivered

I may have made a mistake in yesterdays post. I was told yesterdays waves were actually produced by a low pressure system that grew off the coast of Georgia. Could be wrong but today I'm pretty sure these were Nicole's waves. Who cares whose waves they were; around noon time conditions went from fair to good to great. Seems like I've been saying that a lot. Folly has treated us well this tropical season.

I shot over 600 pictures today so don't expect me to post a whole bunch of photos tonight. Only a few will show up because I am exhausted.

Shots will start showing up within 30 min. Again don't expect a lot.

Thing to remember. During the mid-morning hours the sun is in a terrible position. Many of the photos I'll be posting tonight were from the AM session. Keep in mind if you're like blah these are all bright.

Kyle Busey

Cuff Gleaton

B Thomas (have a better one)

Above photos are from the AM Session

All photos below; from the PM Session

E Thomas

Finn D.

Posted waaaayyyy too many for a Friday night. Tomorrow expect some sequences and some I looked over from tonight.

Mike C


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