Oct 11, 2011

The Last One

 No, I'm not talking about my last post ever.  The swell we are seeing hit the beach today is from a very disorganized tropical system which is most likely the last one of the season.  Also.  I have never ever seen this little sand on the beach.  The erosion is running rampant.  It's probably a good thing the tropical season is nearly over because if we got another hurricane Folly would erode away.

Oh and last week there was a pretty big house fire down the street from me.  It was a vacant home.  I took pictures of it.

As far as I know there were no injuries.

Oct 2, 2011

Ophelia Hooked it Up

 Someone said in an earlier post of mine,

"Great photos, but must point out the irony in your posting wave models and swell predictions then complaining about the crowds..."


This time I didn't say one damn thing about Ophelia and look, there were no crowds this morning.  And it's the weekend!

Okay maybe myself and Anonymous are exaggerating about my ability to create crowds but I'm glad people are reading the blog.  And seriously I had no idea and neither did any of the surf forecasters that the waves were going to be as good as they were this morning (minus the closeouts).