Sep 30, 2010

Nicole Delivered

5-0 checking out the surf

The remnants of Tropical Storm Nicole delivered some of the best waves this tropical season. Earl was huge, Igor was cool, but Nicole was all time. Makeable barrels up and down the beach all day long; a rare occurance here at Folly.

I was working this morning so I missed out on the good stuff. But the Thomas Bros said they got enough footage to put the whole movie together right now. Good times. Tomorrow mornings tide push will be the best bet to get some leftovers.

Pictures from this afternoon (9/30) are starting to appear. Be patient. What other photog is going to put pics up an hour after they shoot. None. Ballin.

Patrick somehow made it out of this. I said to myself, "no way he's makin it out." I give up on the sequence and look over and I see him pop out. Always next time...


That's it.

Mike C

Cya tomorrow am
Sep 29, 2010

The Culprit

I'm probably late to the party but all these waves that will be arriving tomorrow and this weekend are being produced as you read this by Tropical Storm Nicole. But she didn't come from the Atlantic like most all of the storms from this season. Nicole formed off the coast of Cancun, crossed over Cuba and is now off the coast of the Florida Keys. Definitely a weird path that I haven't seen in a while. Nonetheless we will get some fun waves.

My work schedule looks like it is going to work out for this one. I'll be at the beach the entire afternoon session Thursday. And Friday I have off so lets have some fun. The weather is going to be beautiful both days which will be good for taking pictures.

Although it's been cloudy and dismal outside the past few days it has provided some pretty cool lighting.
Sep 28, 2010

You Were Probably There

Everyone must have heard about the Monday afternoon session and was expecting to get a piece of the action today (Tuesday). Washout was littered with people. It didn't pan out that way. Waves were definitely fun but far from the fun of Monday.

If you were upset about the wave height today you have Thursday to look forward to. A tropical low will be cruising by us Thursday. Waves will be here for sure but the unknown variable is the wind direction. Everyday we see conflicting reports from the major surf forecasters. Just going to have to wait. Although the wind forecasts are sketch it looks like well have rideable waves for the week ahead. Yay!

nic knows how to work the camera...hahahha putting smiles on everyone's faces

nic representing the 'sticker crew' well
Pictures from today 9/28

grasshoppers can do anything

Mike C
Sep 27, 2010

You Missed Out

That's right if you're reading this you probably missed out on the waves today. "But Mike I looked at the cam at 11 and it was blown out. Are you on crack?" No I'm not on crack. I too saw the same thing you saw but said screw it I'll go out and take pics of the meatballs trying to surf this junk. By the time I ate something and gathered up the camera stuff it was about 1pm when I got to the beach.

It felt like the ocean was straight falling out of the sky it was so windy and rainy. But all of a sudden as if someone flipped a switch the wind went straight off shore. Conditions went from terrible to excellent in 7 minutes.

I have the pictures to prove it(as you can see now). They will be up late tonight after I get out of work. Don't fret if you missed out. Waves will be hitting the beach all week with the biggest stuff pumping in late this week

Here are the pictures from Monday 9/27. Some of the photos look blurry/static but it is just the downpour rain I was experiencing. And if you have been keeping up with my posts all of these pictures were taken with my old lens.

no not static, just the ocean falling out of the sky. cool you can see the individual rain drops though

Here is the last photo. Something to think about.

The photo on the left is from December 2009. The photo on the right is from September 2010. Power of the ocean. Silly humans.

The arrows point to the same rock in each photo. Look how much the dunes have been pushed back/destroyed in the second photo.

Cya out tomorrow morning.

Mike C
Sep 26, 2010

We Wait

While we I wait for waves I usually go on Craigslist and Ebay and look for camera stuff to buy/trade. Today I think I made a decent trade. The result of the trade was me being able to add another reputable lens to my arsenal but also finding one of the coolest websites on the internet.

Not really a "surf" lens more like 'take pictures of the dunes lens'

If you're in to photography like myself check out The guy I made the trade with this afternoon runs FStoppers along with a colleague. FStoppers is all about going behind the scenes and documenting the day in the life of top professional photographers at work. One feature on FStoppers you guys might be interested in even if you aren't a photography crazy person like myself is the day in the life of a snowboard photographer. Check it out below. (BTW all the videos are shot with a Nikon D300s. Same camera I own that I shoot all my photos with. As soon as my tripod comes in I am going to give a go at some motion picture surf stuff.)

Courtesy of FStoppers

The wait for surf will end most likely by Thursday with head high blown out junk tearing the dunes apart. Winds will be gusting in excess of 20mph straight onshore. Looks like we could see a clean up though. It's a week away lots of stuff can happen.

heavily post processed wanted to try something new

same as above...

When there is no surf I like when the train drives by. I'm not the type who likes shooting stationary objects or some sketchball. Don't ask me why I just like the added challenge of capturing the moment.

Mike C.