Sep 16, 2010

Water Housing and a Little of Igor

Short post tonight. Just got out of work but wanted to show some pictures I got today with the water housing. I was only able to shoot for 30 min because I had to run to work but it was a perfect amount of time to get used to the housing and what I did wrong and what I did right.

I did a lot wrong haha. The photos look like crap but at least I know what went wrong. Here's one thing I messed up. I kept the housing/camera low to the water, dont ask my why, and it really screwed up the moment. So tomorrow I'm holding the thing up high. Also, with a fisheye lens you really need to center your subject or things look distorted. It's harder than it looks because you need to be so close to the surfers. Tomorrow I'm going for round two and hopefully better looking photos.

Mike C


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