Sep 19, 2010

Igor Part I

I think Earl made us think every hurricane swell would be like the swell he gave us (that late afternoon session). Igor has been giving us nice waves here at Folly, mostly in the mornings so far, but the afternoons have been marginal at best from what I've been hearing. Tomorrow looks like we'll get the last of the head high fun stuff. Good times

My water housing experience...

Okay so the water housing. Folly is just not meant to be photographed from the water. Yes, it is doable but the waves break all over the place. When they are breaking all over the place it makes it very difficult to be in the right spot and if you are not in the right spot you're in the way, too far away, or you get drilled by a head high wall in shoulder high water. If the waves were breaking in deeper water or there was a consistent break I would love to take pics from the water. I am deff going to give it another go some day but this swell was pretty hard to document from the water.

Blurry parts are water on the lens port (Bryant)

Fellow photog Hampton Andrews (

There are also lots of variables to keep tabs on. You constantly have to lick the lens port so little water droplets don't ruin your shot. If my aperture, shutter speed, or color levels are off I'd have to get out of the water and take the camera out of the housing to fix it. It's tough to get a keeper. I though I had to bring it back today but I have it until tomorrow which is cool. Giving it another go tomorrow.

Here are some pics from the first days of Igor. More up tonight if I can catch a break

Cuff from today. Lots more where this came from

I am going to be late now...

Mike C


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