Sep 28, 2010

You Were Probably There

Everyone must have heard about the Monday afternoon session and was expecting to get a piece of the action today (Tuesday). Washout was littered with people. It didn't pan out that way. Waves were definitely fun but far from the fun of Monday.

If you were upset about the wave height today you have Thursday to look forward to. A tropical low will be cruising by us Thursday. Waves will be here for sure but the unknown variable is the wind direction. Everyday we see conflicting reports from the major surf forecasters. Just going to have to wait. Although the wind forecasts are sketch it looks like well have rideable waves for the week ahead. Yay!

nic knows how to work the camera...hahahha putting smiles on everyone's faces

nic representing the 'sticker crew' well
Pictures from today 9/28

grasshoppers can do anything

Mike C


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