Sep 10, 2010

Igor Fizzled but He's Back

Believe it or not there was some fun waist high surf this morning. I took the day off from shooting pics and surfed, sorry no pics. The only picture you need to be worrying about now is the above. See that little red hurricane? Category 3 status is being projected by the computer models.

Igor briefly was downgraded to tropical depression status because of some strong wind shear yesterday. He fought off the wind shear and it looks like it will be 'smooth sailing' from here on out. Just off the Carribean Islands the Atlantic is still very warm and atmospheric conditions are looking very favorable for Igor to intensify over the next few days. Swell forecasting websites are making early calls for the long period stuff to start arriving as early as Thursday.

Since the near term swell forecast looks to be hovering around ankle high I'm going to be posting pictures the first day Earl arrived, last Wednesday.

Earl Day One (9/01)

I'll probably find some more to upload as the days go by. And I'll have continuous updates about Igor.

Mike C


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