Sep 2, 2010

No Words

Early morning Washout before it blew up in size (maybe the pier)

It was epic today. I felt like I was on vacation I was so happy. The conditions were rock solid all day long and you really got to practice your barrel riding.

When it started to blow up

You probably saw me, and 50 other photographers out there today. I'm just going through all of the photos from today and yesterday. Later tonight I'll probably have a few shots up. But all of the good shots are going to magazines.

Lots of these today

It's a long story...

Over 600 new photos are on my computer from the past two days. The ones that are not going to magazines I will put up here or I might do the Flickr thing again. If any of you guys see yourself and would like a cd of your photos just email me. I'm hoping to have the best photos of all the different people I took pics of up here on the blog soon.

K blown up now ~1pm

Tomorrow morning should be good, if you're not beat from today.

Wednesday 9/01/10 Below

Wednesday was a lot of fun also like I said in my previous post. First I'll post some landscape "feel for the conditions" type photos and then after I go through all the action shots I will post them.

Mike C.


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