Sep 14, 2010

New Perspective Coming

Category 4 Igor

I don't know why but I had a terrible time deciding what to rent for the, what might be, the last hurricane swell this season. But I wanted to try something I've never really done before and that Folly has rarely seen. This time I won't be shooting from the beach; I'll be in the water taking shots up close.

Yup, I'm renting an underwater housing for my camera. Yes I'll still take a few shots from the beach as usual but my main focus will be some water shots. Our local winds better cooperate or the photos will look like crap.

Last night when I got out of work I checked up on Igor to see what he was doing. Probably when most of you were sleeping Igor became the first Category 5 storm of the season. Although he was a Cat 5 for only a brief stint; he still is a Cat 4. Fun sized surf will start showing up Friday for our beaches. MSW is saying some super fun surf.

Too bad Hurricane Julia is flying off into the wild blue yonder.

The last batch of Earl photos are being shipped out today!

sources: transworld surf, wunderground


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