Dec 25, 2017


EDIT 1 12/28: Camera isn't arriving until tomorrow (12/29).  Another issues is I'm working 8a-8P and the cam has to be signed for.  ugh..... I'm trying to get it sent to the FedEx Ship Center so I can pick it up on my lunch break.  

 I said screw it and dropped a ton of money on a new set up.  Everything is coming in on the 28th this month!  If you look at my last post I claimed the same thing but ran into some major issues that I don't want to talk about.  We're all good now and we'll be perfect on the 28th when my new setup comes in!!! Take a look at the pic below so see whats coming in!!!!!!! So pumped up!
Nike D500 with a 200-500mm and Grip
(Bought another lens as well not pictured)

Cya at the beach soon!