Feb 22, 2011

Nothing Really Worth It

We've had waves and I've shot a few photos/video but if you've been out within the past few days the waves haven't been the best. Maybe tomorrow something will pop up. For now get pumped up for the Thomas Brothers Premiere of 'Waves in Our Pocket' this March. Tickets go on sale the beginning of March at Mckevlins.

Mike C
Feb 13, 2011
Wow the video didn't get finalized until 430am but thanks for already checking it out on my Vimeo page people. Here it is. 

The whole movie is handheld no tripod.

It's short but I don't think you want to see a 5 min vid of sub waist waves.

Watch it in HD on my Vimeo page.


Saturday was the best day to surf this weekend.  You can see below in my previous post I took a few pictures but like I said I also shot some video with my Nikon D300s.  Now mind you, my camera is made for taking still pictures not really video.  And the lens I used to shoot this video is all beat.  Still though I think it's good for the equipment.

Equipment: Nikon D300s, Nikon 70-300 (beat up), no tripod (sorry for the shakies), iMovie

Song:  Just Jammin' by Gramatik

Mike C
Feb 11, 2011

Just a Little Bit

Everyone must be itching to get in the water despite the cold temps. The waves were running at best thigh high but there was a good number of people in the water. Bottom line is, we just haven't been getting waves.

Today I took some photos and shot some video. The video should be up tomorrow you can see the pictures below.

I dislike iPhoto in terms of it's editing power.  I'm getting Photoshop for Mac soon.

Yeah...I dislike iPhoto like this guy dislikes me taking a picture of him (most likely he doesn't mind, you'd be surprised how many people look back at me when I got the camera out to see if 'I got that sick _____.')

Working on the video now.

Mike C

Hmm Mayble We'll Get Surf

That is all. I'm just lettin g you people know I have not disappeared. I also have another video from long ago ready to upload so be happy if we dont get waves this weekend etc.

Omally's was good times tonight.

Thomas Bros After Party will be there. Get pumped for the 'Waves In Our Pocket' premiere MARCH 26TH.

Mike C.