Feb 13, 2011

A Clip of Tiny Waves from 2.11.11

Wow the video didn't get finalized until 430am but thanks for already checking it out on my Vimeo page people. Here it is. 

The whole movie is handheld no tripod.

It's short but I don't think you want to see a 5 min vid of sub waist waves.

Watch it in HD on my Vimeo page.


Saturday was the best day to surf this weekend.  You can see below in my previous post I took a few pictures but like I said I also shot some video with my Nikon D300s.  Now mind you, my camera is made for taking still pictures not really video.  And the lens I used to shoot this video is all beat.  Still though I think it's good for the equipment.

Equipment: Nikon D300s, Nikon 70-300 (beat up), no tripod (sorry for the shakies), iMovie

Song:  Just Jammin' by Gramatik

Mike C


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  1. I'm kidding about donating money

  2. Shitty waves but great video, seriously, please keep posting as much of these as you can. Since Ive seen you posting video, ive been checking this more than Thomas Brothers and FollyHood, Keep it up

  3. cheer up pat "the ninja." you look like you were being sent back into the concentration camp. those waves didn't stand a chance. ripper

  4. you are on to something massachusetts. good editing tunes . you really captured the world class crap waves folly has to offer. good one

  5. Great video

  6. boring slow intro .then only pretty much one guy on the lost featured in this video?

  7. Thanks for all the comments everyone. Reason for the lack of surfers is because Patrick was basically the only one who could do something worthy for video. I only shot for about an hour also. When the waves get better for sure more people will be featured. This is just a short clip of crap waves. You don't want to see people bogging down in sub waist mush do you?

    Keep the comments coming.

  8. Hey I live a couple hours south of Folly, Where do you shoot, and do you film anyone who is surfing good, or do you usually just film your friends and locals

  9. If you do a bit of research on the blog you'll find out where I shoot/surf. It's probably one of the most popular places on Folly Beach. And for who I take pics/vids of is all dependent on who is in the water. All kinds of people, friends, locals, whoever is out basically.

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