May 30, 2010

Wasn't That Bad

I'm talking about my wisdom teeth extraction I had Thursday. Everyone kept telling me it's so bad, you're out of it for a week...blah blah. The next day, basically no pain. It just kinda sucks I have 4 holes in my mouth.

Here are some more pictures from the past swell we had.

Make sure you check out the video over at A Thomas Brothers Production also. Click the link I have in the upper right corner of the blog.

May 27, 2010

I couldn't think of a title for this one because unfortunately I am getting out all 4 of my wisdom teeth this afternoon. But good for you guys I got a bunch of shots from this lingering swell we just had roll through. I got a ton of shots. It's going to be tough to get all the shots edited today because of the teeth situation but I'll be posting pics up throughout the next few days, pain permitting.

Just a few right now

Mike C
May 15, 2010

Been a While

...Since my last post. I'm more busy now after graduating than I was in school. I have my job and I'm taking one more class with CofC; Sailing. I always wanted to take the class and seriously if you go to CofC take sailing. It's the best class I've taken. So with work and sailing combined, It's been difficult to keep up with my blog.

But I'm back.

Unfortunately the surf hasn't been back, isn't here, or doesn't look like its coming here anytime soon. I look at the forecast/cam everyday and it is the same ankle high mushness. Awful. Maybe we will get something around the knee to thigh range sometime in the next couple of days. Once sailing is over with I'll have a lot more time to post cool things. Sailing ends at the end of May.

Check this out.

You guys know how I am. When I don't post something for a while I feel like I have something to make up to all you readers so theres going to be a bunch of random things in this post. A couple of days ago I was sitting here in my house eating some strawberries. The all too familiar sound of fire trucks in the distance were on their way, ready to terrorize me and my strawberries with their blaring sirens. The firehouse is up the street from me and I live right at a main intersection downtown so the horns and sirens start blaring right at my house.

Usually it's only a couple of trucks going to a routine fender bender but they kept coming and coming down the street. Way more than usual. I grabbed my bike and followed one of the trucks not more than a block and a half away to this.....

At first glance something looks strange. Usually fires start inside of the house, not outside like this one and especially not on the ground near the foundation. After talking with some bystanders we came to the conclusion that it must be a gasline that broke and caught fire. Sure enough SCE&G pulled up minutes later to shut off the line.

Here are some more photos.

All the firemen could do was spray water on the house until all the gas burned off in the pipe.

The gasline stayed burning for about two hours. All of Spring Street downtown was blocked off for almost the whole afternoon while SCE&G dug a hole to stop the flow of gas.

I have a bunch of days off next week so the surf better show up.

Mike C.
May 3, 2010

Almost Done

The end is near, talking about my college career. Tomorrow will be my last final before graduation. You are probably reading that and saying cool Mike where are the pictures from today. My bad guys and gals I wasn't able to make it to the beach today :( I actually started working at my new job bright and early this morning and then started studying right after work for this last final.

After this final though I'll have a lot more time to get to the beach and surf/take shots. My work schedule is pretty simple also. I'm either working in the morning or in the afternoon so there will be always time for the beach.

Hope everyone enjoyed the the short film Bryant put together over at Thomas Brothers Productions. If you haven't checked it out yet look at my post below.

So don't worry everyone the pictures will keep coming this is just a hectic time for me. Normal picture posts will resume soon.

Below I have two pictures of the purposed site for the new concrete skate park that is supposed to be one of the biggest concrete parks on the East Coast. The City of Charleston has already allocated $2 million towards the project. Steps towards building the park are supposed to begin this June/July.

I also wrote an editorial for one of my classes about the economic impacts the park could have for the city. I'll be posting that later on this week.

Mike C.