Dec 31, 2009
Happy New Years Eve people uploaded a few pictures to about a day ago and this shot, featured on MSW homepage, got over 500 views in the first few hours it was up there. Thanks for the support guys.

Nearly ran out of CD's from all the requests I got over the past week. Hopefully we get some surf in the upcoming week (doesnt look like it) but Ill be out the next swell. Still working on a place to post all of my photos, keep checking back. And my wetsuit still hasnt been shipped back...depressing.

Mike C.

Dec 29, 2009
Still going through all the photos from Saturday and I have some new ones from today 12/29. There will be some landscape, sunset, animals, etc photos in this one too. Looks like it is going to be flat for a while...depressing. But keep checking the blog for new pictures and updates on a place where I can host all of my pictures for a particular day.

Thanks for all the positive comments and emails. Can't wait to shoot the next swell. And I'm stepping up my photoshop skills so the images will be getting sharper and sharper.

Again if you have a question about a photo or CD request please email me with a description of your board/wetsuit/yourself etc.

I'm running out of CD's. Getting a lot of requests. First time CD is free.

Tell your friends

Mike C.

Here are a few to keep you busy...

Taken Christmas Day, very windy. The wind that created the "Day After Christmas Swell."

Even got some snow flurries....Nope just the foam from the high tide, wind, and large surf.

Dunes were suffering Christmas Day.



Dec 27, 2009

Day After Christmas Swell.

Haven't seen a swell like this past one in a while. Clean hollow lines pulling through the Washout made all of us surfers thank Santa for the excellent surf.

Lighting wasn't the best because of the best tides and waves being in the middle of the day but there are some nice photos from the over 300 I shot that day.

I am going to put up some stand out shots on the blog and set up an account on flickr possibly so all the photos can be viewed.

Email me if you want a cd of the day.

Another ground swell should be pushing through the beginning of the week so watch out for that.

All pictures from the Washout unless otherwise mentioned.

Washout Barrel

The last one is of a very rare creature that comes barreling out of the sea, looking for blood, only found on Folly. jk these are my girlfriend's dogs

I will be posting more as the night progresses but I wanted to get something up before it got too late. Watch for edits.

Mike C.
Dec 23, 2009
Bored this Christmas break with no surf so far, I went down to the beach to take some pictures. Never seen the dune erosion this bad. After the Bill swell ate away the fronts of the dunes at the Washout, the extra large tides we've had since then have swept the remaining sand away exposing the rocks beneath the dunes. Lighting conditions weren't the best but here are a few to keep you busy.

Looks like we'll have some building choppy conditions for Christmas and then decreases but becomes cleaner for the days after. Looks like we may have a waist high ground swell roll through by the beginning of next week. Hopefully the continental shelf wont drain it all out.

Cool colors in these.

Dune Erosion

Dune Erosion

Flat Surf

Flat Surf

Adobe Photoshop along with the surf is on the way. I have taken some photography classes here and there so the Photoshop learning curve shouldn't be so bad. Check back to see some surf photos up later this week into the weekend.
Dec 19, 2009
So my Oneil Mutant wetsuit seams started fraying like crazy, letting in cold Folly water, and the thing is only a couple weeks old. It was warm while it lasted. Not hating on the suit, one of the best suits I've purchased but had to ship it back for some free repairs. Went in the water today with my old wetsuit and froze my ass off. The thing has holes galore and dawn patrol was a balmy 35 degrees.

Ok, so what..... That being said I'll probably be out of the water more than I will be in it. For that reason I'm going to start posting some pics when the waves are good. All Folly Beach Washout maybe some pier action from time to time.

So check back now and then when a good swell rolls through and see if you made the cut.

Here are some really old Hanna Swell photos to start it off.

Unknown surfers. But if you want a copy please contact me.

Leave a comment.

Photo editing is slim some cropping here and there using....Windows Photo Gallery...Always wanted to learn some basic photo editing techniques using Photoshop etc. Any tips? Shoot me an email.