Dec 27, 2009

Day After Christmas Swell.

Haven't seen a swell like this past one in a while. Clean hollow lines pulling through the Washout made all of us surfers thank Santa for the excellent surf.

Lighting wasn't the best because of the best tides and waves being in the middle of the day but there are some nice photos from the over 300 I shot that day.

I am going to put up some stand out shots on the blog and set up an account on flickr possibly so all the photos can be viewed.

Email me if you want a cd of the day.

Another ground swell should be pushing through the beginning of the week so watch out for that.

All pictures from the Washout unless otherwise mentioned.

Washout Barrel

The last one is of a very rare creature that comes barreling out of the sea, looking for blood, only found on Folly. jk these are my girlfriend's dogs

I will be posting more as the night progresses but I wanted to get something up before it got too late. Watch for edits.

Mike C.


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