Dec 19, 2009

Folly Surf Photos First Day Up

So my Oneil Mutant wetsuit seams started fraying like crazy, letting in cold Folly water, and the thing is only a couple weeks old. It was warm while it lasted. Not hating on the suit, one of the best suits I've purchased but had to ship it back for some free repairs. Went in the water today with my old wetsuit and froze my ass off. The thing has holes galore and dawn patrol was a balmy 35 degrees.

Ok, so what..... That being said I'll probably be out of the water more than I will be in it. For that reason I'm going to start posting some pics when the waves are good. All Folly Beach Washout maybe some pier action from time to time.

So check back now and then when a good swell rolls through and see if you made the cut.

Here are some really old Hanna Swell photos to start it off.

Unknown surfers. But if you want a copy please contact me.

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Photo editing is slim some cropping here and there using....Windows Photo Gallery...Always wanted to learn some basic photo editing techniques using Photoshop etc. Any tips? Shoot me an email.


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