Feb 17, 2018


Ayo.  Went to SEWE and took a pic of a hawk.

No surf so I like taking pictures of things that fly or move fast.

Mike C
Feb 4, 2018
Long story short...I had to send everything back I bought from eDigital.  The camera, the lens, battery grip, everything.  Lens was damaged, camera sensor was faulty (spot on images), missing manuals, terrible service etc. They accepted my return and I said screw it and bought even better equipment.

Scroll down to the bottom for more details about how shady eDigital is.

We haven't been getting much surf so I went to the Sk8 Charleston! Now, I'm not too keen on action night photography yet but I promise I'll get better at it!  Please, if you know the guys in the shots, let them know where to find themselves. I'll deff be going back!

My Instagram for instant updates for where I am and when I post new content.

Once I figure out how to make gifs without imgflip the quality will be much higher

Thanks Sk8 Charleston and the skaters who gave me something to shoot.

Mike C

They sent the camera and lens separately which doesn't seem like a big deal but a lens that is over a G, supposedly lost in shipping isn't a good feeling.  Never once did they answer my phone calls and I had to get Amazon involved for them to answer my emails.  Eventually they sent me an email with the tracking number the day it arrived.  Trash. Whatever.

Look how damaged the lens box was....
You can see the further edge of the box is crushed as well.  The lens box was put into another box that had one slim sheet of bubble wrap on top of it.  Bush league.

Here's how the packaged the camera. Listen if this all cost me $10 I wouldn't give a shit but this is sensitive camera equipment come on.

Another super thin sheet of bubble wrap was placed on top for whatever reason.

To wrap things up I got a full refund from them which remarkably was the easiest part of this whole ordeal and I purchased everything from Amazon directly which was a much nicer experience.