Jan 29, 2011

MacBooks Are Cool

Thanks to my MacBook I've been digging through all the video clips I've taken with my camera over the past year and putting them together as short little vids. And since it's been flat I've had some extra time on my hands. I think this is good for the blog. Pictures plus some okay quality video is pretty cool.

Last year a few of us went down to Jacksonville Beach for a day. I shot a few clips. Here it is.

Mike C
Jan 26, 2011
Here is what I came up with.  Like I said before this is a very amateur video.  The song name is Hello and it's by Martin Solveig ft. Dragonette.  And no, I do not think any of you are cute.  I wanted to pick a semi sketch song but with a catchy flow.  The hardest part was finding a song to use.   It was deff harder to put a short flic together than I thought.  Let's just say I'll leave the big production video for the Thomas Bros.

Not much else to say except I want to get better at taking video because I really like it.  Something new to go along with photos.  Once we get some good waves it will be interesting to see.

Rip it to pieces

Washout January 2011 from MikeC on Vimeo.

Jan 25, 2011

Something New

Some of you may have seen me out at the Wash today with my camera.  I decided I would try something new today.  I didn't take one picture.  Today I shot all video.  It was my first real attempt and I haven't examined the clips I got just yet.

Maybe I'll post what I got today later on.  But I'm new to all of this video stuff so I don't know how long it will take me to put one together.  Take it this way; it will probably be done tonight because once I begin something I usually have this thing in my head that says you need to finish this.  Expect a very late update.

Leftover surf tomorrow morning.  I'll be taking pictures and video.

The video is not happening any time soon.  I like to do everything really cleanly and it is going to take me a while to make this video look clean, find a cool song, and upload it all.

So pictures and more clips tomorrow yay.

Mike C
Jan 24, 2011

There is No Surf Coming

Tomorrow and Wednesday are going to be completely flat and it's too cold to surf anyway.

Cya tomorrow

Mike C
Jan 19, 2011

Barrel Time

Maybe it's because of all the sand that is on the beach now but the Washout was a barrel fest yesterday.  They were actually makeable early in the morning too.  Still incredibly freezing cold but it's hard to resist 'over my head' waves.

Although the swell wasn't extra large some of the outer bars were breaking and actually barreling (not that one).

The Shots

He did make it out.  Sequence post in the future?

That's about it for now.

Mike C
Jan 17, 2011

Shoot or Surf

I was so desperate to surf that I 'paddled out' Saturday afternoon.  It was more of a walk out to surf the very occasional thigh high close out.  Like always though I ended up having a good time.  The weather was nice.

Now tomorrow.  Surfline's forecast is still looking good which is usually the most conservative out of the 3 I check.  Good sign.  Both of the high tides are either at dawn or dusk.  I'm taking my chances and pulling off a dawn patrol. 

Of course I'll be taking pictures.  The water is still 45 degrees so I won't last too long in the water.

Mike C
Jan 12, 2011

 It was probably because I already don't feel too well but I have never been so cold before out in the water.  Can't wait for 90+ temps.

Running about waist high and little push to it.  Looked mushy from the beach but not really when you got in there.  I literally was out for no more than 30 minutes.  It was fun though even with a soar throat and hypothermia setting in.

Mike C
Jan 6, 2011

A Result Due to Flatness

What a depressing winter it has been.  The meteorological predictions fooled me again, making me think we were going to have a warm winter here in the Southeast.  On average we've been getting waves like once every two months.  It's terrible for us surfers.  Keep your hopes up though a potential bump is on the horizon.

So you may be wondering why I posted seemingly random pictures above.  Well my love for photography grows deep and I am not going to sit around and wait for waves in order to take some shots. 

I've been doing street/archictectual/landscape type photography forever so instead of placing it here, on a surfing blog, I decided I'd put it here at Charleston Fame.  It is just a place I dedicate all of my random photos I take on the streets etc.  Most likely I am going to change the name because I don't want to be held down to one location.  I want this to be an open place for me to put almost whatever I find out there.  Go take a look at it.  There are only a few photos now from previous days and nights but I'm digging through my files for more.

Check it out for when it's flat: Charleston Fame

Mike C
Jan 2, 2011

Happy New Year...we got a little surf.

Mike C