Nov 12, 2011


 Well we had some well deserved fun surf over the past few days.  Yup, I took pictures.  Yup, I surfed more than I shot.  Yup, I've been really busy with work hence the delay.  Here you go.  Pictures from Wednesdayish on.

Oh and the ASP is a joke.  Way to make our sport look like it's run by the stereotypical high school drop outs, stoner hippies the non surfing community views us as.  In no way am I diminishing the free spirit way of surfing.  But if the marketing gurus at the ASP aka "Quiksilver" (cue Mr. Martinez) want to put surfing on a higher pedestal then hire some people that know how to do 6th grade math.

Nov 1, 2011
This fall has been absolutely atrocious for the surfing community.  It's been cold and flat for what has seemed like months now.  Tomorrow looks like something will lap up on shore into Thursday.  Picture worthy?  Most likely I'll take a few shots. 

I haven't surfed in forever though. 

Because the winter months are upon us and the days of the summer time where we would ride waist high mush are over and now won't due to freezing temperatures and wetsuits, I'm going to start posting some cool stuff the surf community might like.  I'll post anything from event's happening in and around Charleston to music reviews or just random stupid stuff to keep everyone entertained.

Oct 11, 2011

The Last One

 No, I'm not talking about my last post ever.  The swell we are seeing hit the beach today is from a very disorganized tropical system which is most likely the last one of the season.  Also.  I have never ever seen this little sand on the beach.  The erosion is running rampant.  It's probably a good thing the tropical season is nearly over because if we got another hurricane Folly would erode away.

Oh and last week there was a pretty big house fire down the street from me.  It was a vacant home.  I took pictures of it.

As far as I know there were no injuries.

Oct 2, 2011

Ophelia Hooked it Up

 Someone said in an earlier post of mine,

"Great photos, but must point out the irony in your posting wave models and swell predictions then complaining about the crowds..."


This time I didn't say one damn thing about Ophelia and look, there were no crowds this morning.  And it's the weekend!

Okay maybe myself and Anonymous are exaggerating about my ability to create crowds but I'm glad people are reading the blog.  And seriously I had no idea and neither did any of the surf forecasters that the waves were going to be as good as they were this morning (minus the closeouts). 

Sep 27, 2011

Big Fetch

Tide was high and our waves we saw this morning are from the remnants of a tropical system.  I overheard someone say this morning, "I can't believe these waves are coming from a tropical storm that disintegrated!"  Well meathead, it didn't just disappear if anything it got bigger and meshed with another smaller system.  A huge wind field was thus created.  Winds weren't tropical storm force but they were blowing in the same direction for miles upon miles.  This is called fetch: the distance wind travels in a specific direction and speed.  The bigger the fetch the better the waves.  Too bad our local winds weren't ideal but it was weird this morning.  As the morning grew later the wind died down to almost nothing by noon time.  It turned out to be a decent surf session.

Sep 14, 2011

Lot's of People and Waves

Tropical Storm Maria has provided us with some pretty fun waves.  Unfortunately all of South Carolina has been surfing at the Washout.  It's been totally packed and whats up with all the closeouts?

Photos from yesterday 9/13

See what I mean?


Okay the above are from Tuesday the rest below are from today 9/14 Wednesday

Sep 9, 2011

Katia Was Cool I Guess

I'm pressed for time so this post will be short.  I was expecting a little bigger swell than we got but at least we got waves.  And too bad the winds were terrible in the afternoon during the incoming tides.  Oh well, tropical season isn't over yet.

Here are a few pictures.

I might put up more but I need to go to work. 

Sep 7, 2011
I surfed from 630a to 6p so I am exhausted.  No words just pictures.  See you out tomorrow.  Should be bigger and clean in the AM.