Nov 12, 2011


 Well we had some well deserved fun surf over the past few days.  Yup, I took pictures.  Yup, I surfed more than I shot.  Yup, I've been really busy with work hence the delay.  Here you go.  Pictures from Wednesdayish on.

Oh and the ASP is a joke.  Way to make our sport look like it's run by the stereotypical high school drop outs, stoner hippies the non surfing community views us as.  In no way am I diminishing the free spirit way of surfing.  But if the marketing gurus at the ASP aka "Quiksilver" (cue Mr. Martinez) want to put surfing on a higher pedestal then hire some people that know how to do 6th grade math.



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  1. Mike - haven't seen you around - i realize not much going on surfwise....are you still shooting? love seeing your pics!

  2. I'm still around man. Just nothin to shoot.

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