Jan 9, 2018

The Whole Setup is Here!

eDigital is still a shady company in my eyes.  They literally gave me 7 word emails regarding my missing items.  Thankfully everything arrived....only one thing though.  The packaging was so trash.  All the edges of every box are crushed to some degree.  I'm really thinking of sending it all back but I'm super stoked to have everything I may just say screw it and keep it all. I inspected everything pretty thoroughly and there's no physical damage to the lens of camera.  So we good to go.  Cya at the beach soon.

Jan 5, 2018

Sending Camera Back

eDigital USA (Amazon Seller) sent me the completely wrong order and they are the most difficult people to get in touch with.  I'm not saying don't order anything from them on Amazon but be extremely careful when you do.  This has been a nightmare.

UPDATE 1:  Here's everything that's missing that I ordered:

An invoice or receipt.  Yup they didn't even send me any kind of paperwork.
Nikon 200-500 Lens = Missing
Nikon Battery Pack = Missing
2 Sony Memory Cards = Missing
Extra Camera Battery = Missing

Also the packaging was very suspect.  Many small accessories were loose.  The box they shipped the camera in was nearly the same size as the Nikon camera box.  There was only room for a thin layer of bubble wrap one ONE SIDE of the box.  That's how small this shipping box was.

In all, over $2000.00 worth or product is missing from my order.  It completely blows my mind they didn't even send an invoice.  

Just a few minutes ago I got off the phone with Amazon Concierge Care and they were extremely helpful.  Now I need to wait for eDigital to contact me back. Their policy is 2 business days to get back in touch with customers.  Guess I'm waiting till next week.....