Sep 14, 2011

Lot's of People and Waves

Tropical Storm Maria has provided us with some pretty fun waves.  Unfortunately all of South Carolina has been surfing at the Washout.  It's been totally packed and whats up with all the closeouts?

Photos from yesterday 9/13

See what I mean?


Okay the above are from Tuesday the rest below are from today 9/14 Wednesday



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  1. I wonder why the beach was so packed??? Well it's because they made a movie called waves in our pocket. Thank the Thomas bros...

  2. hahahahha

  3. Who doesn't love a crowd, right? You know what are getting at the washout, a crowd is one of them. Try iop if you want a few feet between you and the next person.

    Hey MikeC., at some point in your Links section, I think you had a link to another blog called weird science or something like that. Do you know what it was?

  4. Great photos, but must point out the irony in your posting wave models and swell predictions then complaining about the crowds...

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