Sep 1, 2011
Katia has become a little less organized today due to some dry air and moderate wind shear.  If you look at my wind shear map below you can see the yellow/orange area the blue arrow is pointing to.  That is the shear that is screwing things up right now (notice Katia below).  But you see that area of decreasing shear the white arrow is pointing to?  That's the money spot for intensification.  And the black arrows show the shear moving away to the east which is good.

Intensification is expected after tomorrow.  Expect a near major hurricane by the weekend.

It doesn't look like Katia will be a threat to any land mass except Canada.  This is good because we will most likely get a nice sized long period swell spread over several days.
*This map will update automatically as new updates become available from the NHC*
Let's see what happens over the weekend.


sources: wundeground, CMISS


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  1. Yeah too bad that it now has its cross hairs set on us ie.the east coast "It doesn't look like Katia will be a threat to any land mass except Canada"
    Should be fun though as long as everyone stays courteous.

  2. She's still really far away and everyone knows how things can change rapidly. The ridge that is keeping her on her current path is expected to weaken and in turn she will get sucked north. That's what all the "cool people" are thinking as of right now.

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