Sep 6, 2011
The Katia swell has arrived but conditions are terrible.  The SW wind is completely ridiculous ruining everything.  Tomorrow and Thursday I'll see you out in the water as the wind is expected to calm down and the swell to rise.

For now here are some more images showing the power of water.  Many of the dunes have been destroyed and I've been wondering where all the sand went.  Well now it looks like the Katia swell along with the SW wind has brought a lot of sand back on the beach.  Dunes are still heavily damaged but there's a lot of sand at the base of the remnants now.  If this Katia swell fills in as expected I'm thinking the replenished sand is going to act like a ramp for the waves to ride up over the dunes and retaining walls protecting the houses creating an even bigger mess. 
I'm pretty surprised how quickly they fixed the walk overs.

Just a few days ago this jetty was nearly 4ft tall.  

Sand may be back but the tides are still consuming houses and dunes.

See what I mean?  All this extra sand now is going to act like a ramp for the high tides.

The above picture along with the rest below are from the last few houses before you get to Morris Island.

Take this advice:  If you need to build your house on top of telephone polls you are going to get punished by mother nature.



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