May 3, 2010

Almost Done

The end is near, talking about my college career. Tomorrow will be my last final before graduation. You are probably reading that and saying cool Mike where are the pictures from today. My bad guys and gals I wasn't able to make it to the beach today :( I actually started working at my new job bright and early this morning and then started studying right after work for this last final.

After this final though I'll have a lot more time to get to the beach and surf/take shots. My work schedule is pretty simple also. I'm either working in the morning or in the afternoon so there will be always time for the beach.

Hope everyone enjoyed the the short film Bryant put together over at Thomas Brothers Productions. If you haven't checked it out yet look at my post below.

So don't worry everyone the pictures will keep coming this is just a hectic time for me. Normal picture posts will resume soon.

Below I have two pictures of the purposed site for the new concrete skate park that is supposed to be one of the biggest concrete parks on the East Coast. The City of Charleston has already allocated $2 million towards the project. Steps towards building the park are supposed to begin this June/July.

I also wrote an editorial for one of my classes about the economic impacts the park could have for the city. I'll be posting that later on this week.

Mike C.


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