Apr 28, 2010

Final Days

I warned everyone in the last post. It's finals week and I would actually like to graduate CofC preferably this May so apologies for the hiatus.

The conditions of the last swell were bittersweet. Waves were running in about the head high range but the drift was ripping hard. 4/26, we saw some better conditions but still a tad drifty/messy. Nonetheless I whipped out the camera and took some shots.

My final project in my graphic design elective was to design from scratch a fully functional website. I completed it late last night and uploaded it this morning. Once it is graded I am going to tailor it more towards surfing and the blog. It's pretty crazy, I always wanted to know how to write html and now I feel like a geek cause I'm dissecting Surfline.com's codes to get some greater insight.

the World Premiere of
Spring Fever
produced by
Thomas Brothers Productions
will be released

A Thomas Brothers Production

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Thanks Everyone!
9,992 views (4:01pm)
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Photos below taken on 4/26

Yes this was taken at the Washout. Barrels like this only lasted about 15 min early that AM.

(forgot to resize this one)

Summer is around the corner.

Photos below taken on 4/25

Couple people and myself drifted from the Washout to the end of Folly in about 30 minutes. Although the drift was hauling down the beach there were some size to the waves.


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  1. loving the add.. im going to steel it! thanks

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