Apr 19, 2010

That's right, I got some of my first photos ever published in Local-Sessions Surf Magazine. The April/May issue can be found at McKevlins or pretty much any other surf shop. Go check it out. It's FREE. I am pretty sure those are some of the first pics of Folly Beach in LSM. Just look in the top right corner of each of the photos and it will have my last name up there (Cassidy).

Another depressing flat spell looks like it is going to hang around all week. Maybe a slight bump will arrive in a few days but nothing worth skipping work or school over. And I'm graduating CofC in a couple weeks so apologies in advance if the posts get a little slack. Once all the graduation stuff is over I'll have plenty of time to add pictures and editorial to the blog especially since I am jobless :(

Mike C.


***Milestone Coming up***

Currently I am at 9,283 views

The big 10,000 is on the horizon

Thanks to every single one of you who have supported
my photography
It really means a lot to me

There are tons of Angels pictures out there of last weekends show so here are a couple different shots you may not see on other sites.


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  1. I saw the pics in the Local Sessions - they were sick! My buddy from WB said 'whats the deal? all the good pics are of folly.' HA!

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