Apr 14, 2010

Hate Bugs

Local news stations reported a few days ago that the pollen hasn't been this bad in 5 years. Two thoughts. Maybe that's a sign El Nino is over... (yeah) And two: the mosquitos (or whatever they are) have been gobbling up the extra pollen and have multiplied to locust type swarms. (yeah again) Okay maybe not the best hypothesis for the end of El Nino or the bug swarms but the bugs really were absolutely terrible this morning. After getting out of the car bugs imediatley flew into my face. Then my legs, arms, and any other exposed skin surface.

With no bug spray on hand and I doubt it would have done anything, I decided to leave the camera in the car and take out the new board. The surf was fun and the water is nice and warm. Next time I'll bring some bug spray so I can get some surf shots up here finally.

I may go out later today and shoot some photos but I just looked at the cam and it looked like it got pretty windy so conditions may be iffy for the afternoon/early evening. But the surf is expected to linger throughout the day.

If I'm bored and don't want to start the million presentations and papers I have due next week, I'll head to the beach later this afternoon to take some shots.

Mike C.

you should get one. UPS man just dropped a bunch off at McKevlins


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