Apr 16, 2010

This morning may have been the cleanest surf of this past swell. But it was running in the not so spectacular thigh high range with occasional bigger sets. I got to the beach a little before 7AM. I almost didn't get out of bed cause the forecast was iffy for this morning. With no morning classes though, I said might as well go down and get some beach pics; the blog hasn't seen the beach in a while.

Occasional bigger wave

After shooting a few photos I got in the water. Nothing special if you weren't out there you didn't miss much.

I tried out some new angles because the waves weren't the best

Were you downtown sitting in your office, classroom, or car feeling like you were about to get bombed yesterday? You weren't downtown? Well you can catch the show I caught, this weekend as The Blue Angels will be doing their loops and dives over Patriots Point. Here are a few shots of their rehearsal yesterday directly over my house downtown. I guess the only advertising they have to do is fly around as low as possible all day. It works, just about everyone was talking about the jets they saw or just heard yesterday.

This one set off a few car alarms.

***And as I was just finishing putting up the pictures, rehearsal started again today. So I hopped on my bike and sped down to the Waterfront and snapped these photos today, just minutes ago.

(Editing them now. Be up shortly.)

Also went to a Riverdogs game this week. This lens isn't the best for night photography but a few came out okay. I've been playing baseball my whole life but this was the first time I've ever photographed the game.

Called safe on this steal

Barely made the catch in foul territory

Dogs take the win

That was one big post. I felt like I had something to make up to you readers though. The past week or so has been slack. Hope you enjoyed it all!


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