Apr 12, 2010


If you've been asking yourself, "Why hasn't Mike been posting anything cool lately?"

My excuse is school. Teachers are realizing we have two weeks left and have started dumping loads of tests and projects on all of us. To make things worse, it's super nice out. I bet if I took a survey at CofC the average GPA drops off every spring semester because of the weather and the fact that Folly is 15 min away (that's what google says but we all know it takes half a day to get there with the traffic.)

"Why didn't Mike post
cool pictures with his rental lens?"

Again school. I heard the surf was really good that Friday morning I had to ship the lens back but I was taking a wonderful Spanish test. The surf had dropped off by the time I got out of class.

The upcoming surf along with good weather will bring cool pictures and posts for all of you to look at.

Mike C.

Cooper River Bridge


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