Sep 8, 2010

Look Over the Horizon

Everything is finally back to normal. Folly is flat and all eyes remain on the Tropical Atlantic for the duration of the 2010 Hurricane Season. Signs of hope are out there. Forecasters are saying conditions in the Atlantic are favorable for tropical development. This can only mean good things for our friend Igor. Tropical Storm Igor has been steadily intensifying and currently moving in the right direction if we're expecting any swell from him. Computer models are calling Igor to become a Hurricane towards the end of the week. Let's keep an eye on him.

I've been saving up my money over the past couple months for something. Until now I didn't know what for but I was biking by the Apple store the other day and it hit me. With a better laptop I'll be able to get the full album up in no time.

For everyone who has recently (in the last two days) contacted me about photos, I'm organizing them and making the CD's as we speak. Shipments will go out before Friday. If I haven't got back to you about how many photos I have...check your email now. I am going to respond to all the emails tonight.


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