Sep 22, 2010
Since professional surfing isn't as monstrously popular as football, baseball, or even golf; the mainstream sports enthusiast looks over the professional surfing circuit. Here in the United States live surfing competitions are rarely if ever broadcast on a national level. Maybe the cliche rebel surfer lifestyle scares the executives over at the big TV stations away. Whatever the reason may be Kelly Slater may be the best athlete...ever. Chris Mauro over at Grind TV stated this claim that will most likely make people who know nothing about surfing laugh at his declaration.

I want everyone to read Chris's article 'Could Kelly Slater be the best athlete ever? No Seriously?' It doesn't matter if you are the surfer who hates watching competitions and wants surfing to adhere to its inherent Hawaiian ways and stay out of the mainstream spotlight. Kelly lives to surf, look at that smile on his face after winning the Hurley Pro. I've never seen him that excited about an event he has won. Maybe it's because he's number one once again or maybe he's remembering the time he won the same event at Lowers 20 years ago. Read the article. It is accompanied by an incredible video highlighting the best of the Hurley Pro and when Kelly won way back in the day....he had hair back then.

I'm not saying I agree or don't agree with Chris I just want to bring his article to your attention during the Folly flatness.

Kelly's also a scratch golfer Mr. Woods.

Update 1015PM:

After eating some dinner I decided to check out the Thomas Bros Blog to see if they had a video up yet of Igor. Well no video yet, soon though, but local boy Kyle Busey has a pretty sick sequence over at Go check it out.

Mike C


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