Sep 30, 2010

Nicole Delivered

5-0 checking out the surf

The remnants of Tropical Storm Nicole delivered some of the best waves this tropical season. Earl was huge, Igor was cool, but Nicole was all time. Makeable barrels up and down the beach all day long; a rare occurance here at Folly.

I was working this morning so I missed out on the good stuff. But the Thomas Bros said they got enough footage to put the whole movie together right now. Good times. Tomorrow mornings tide push will be the best bet to get some leftovers.

Pictures from this afternoon (9/30) are starting to appear. Be patient. What other photog is going to put pics up an hour after they shoot. None. Ballin.

Patrick somehow made it out of this. I said to myself, "no way he's makin it out." I give up on the sequence and look over and I see him pop out. Always next time...


That's it.

Mike C

Cya tomorrow am


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