Sep 20, 2010

Igor Part II

Go do your homework and check back later. I heard the waves were "epic" today. As some of you know I was very far away from the ocean in Columbia today. By the time I made it back the wind was on it and it wasn't worth taking pics. Trust me I was bummed out bad.

Lot's of pictures are going up tonight. Currently I am sorting through all of them so It probably is going to be a late update. Igor was fun maybe some leftovers will be lingering in the water tomorrow morning.

Mike C.

Everyone is mostly going right because the sun was directly in my face for the left barrels resulting in washed out photos. Quality is again suspect. I hate blaming my equipment by my modest 70-300 is on her last leg. She isn't fully weatherproof and the ocean air has taken a toll on the inside elements creating some haze that doesn't go away :( That's why some of the photos have weird color casts.

All taken at the Washout. Sponsored by Hurricane Igor


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