Sep 25, 2010

September Was a Good Month

Sure school started for all you rug rats and the water will soon be getting colder but what a way to close out the summer. August and September were two months to remember. If you're sick of just looking at my still images then try this. Head over to The Thomas Brothers Blog and check out their latest video with the new cam.

In my last post I wrote off the possibilty off another Tropical Storm producing any type of swell that would hit our coast. Well I might have been wrong. It doesn't look pretty but we could see waves from a storm. At first I thought it was from TS Matthew but models are showing him drifting off into mainland Mexico. Right now the path of the storm I can't identify now looks like will wander over the Caribbean into the Atlantic, skirt by us and possibly pump some waves our way. Keep in mind when a storm crosses over land like this one will most likely be doing the storms projected track will vary wildly. All we can do now is keep our eyes on it.

Here is what I am talking about.

Whenever this storm arrives the winds are going to be absolutely howling. Hope for a clean up day.

Why am I up now? I just got out of work.
Mike C


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