Sep 4, 2010

CD Requests are Being Processed

I am processing CD requests as quickly as possible. I've never received this many CD requests before and more new requests come in daily. If I don't respond right away I am most likely at work and will try to reply via iPhone.

Thank you so much everyone for making all of this possible. Folly Surf Photography killed it's last record set in December (Day After Christmas Swell) of 514 views yesterday with an astounding 3,788 views.

My poor computer is stressed out from all of the photos I have been putting on her. A full album of the day will be delayed until further notice. RAW files are huge, much bigger than JPEGS and in order to post all of the pictures on a image hosting site I need to convert all 600+ photos into JPEGS. I'll find a way.

Be sure to keep tabs on ThomasBrothersBlog for a video update of the Earl swell. Hurry up Bryant I want to see it.

I can't say enough thank youuuuu to everyone and how happy I am that the blog is finally coming together. We just need to keep getting waves!

Mike C

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