Sep 26, 2010

We Wait

While we I wait for waves I usually go on Craigslist and Ebay and look for camera stuff to buy/trade. Today I think I made a decent trade. The result of the trade was me being able to add another reputable lens to my arsenal but also finding one of the coolest websites on the internet.

Not really a "surf" lens more like 'take pictures of the dunes lens'

If you're in to photography like myself check out The guy I made the trade with this afternoon runs FStoppers along with a colleague. FStoppers is all about going behind the scenes and documenting the day in the life of top professional photographers at work. One feature on FStoppers you guys might be interested in even if you aren't a photography crazy person like myself is the day in the life of a snowboard photographer. Check it out below. (BTW all the videos are shot with a Nikon D300s. Same camera I own that I shoot all my photos with. As soon as my tripod comes in I am going to give a go at some motion picture surf stuff.)

Courtesy of FStoppers

The wait for surf will end most likely by Thursday with head high blown out junk tearing the dunes apart. Winds will be gusting in excess of 20mph straight onshore. Looks like we could see a clean up though. It's a week away lots of stuff can happen.

heavily post processed wanted to try something new

same as above...

When there is no surf I like when the train drives by. I'm not the type who likes shooting stationary objects or some sketchball. Don't ask me why I just like the added challenge of capturing the moment.

Mike C.


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  1. Video Quality is looking good on the d300.. I like seeing your landscape shots too!

  2. Thanks for the love :)

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