Oct 14, 2010

Dismal Forecast

It's going to be flat for a while. You know flatness means no pictures, at least of surf. I'm going to dig through some old photos and take some new ones of random stuff to keep everyone less depressed.

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Mike C


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  1. How about some scene photos. Maybe surf shops, shaper bays, and skate parks

  2. For a while now I've been trying to find a decent skatepark where I can shoot off a few pics. I grew up snowboarding so when NC gets enough snow I'm going to road trip it up there to take some snowboard/park shots. But if anyone knows where there is a decent park, which is camera friendly, let me know.

    Suggestions are happily welcomed, keep them coming during the flat spell.

  3. There is a park in North Charleston off Ashley Phosphate called "The Park". Its pretty nice, warehouse set up with lots of transitions and a bowled out mini ramp. I always see people taking pics up there.

  4. There was the wastelands that demolished, heard they were going to rebuild elsewhere, don't know what happened with that. There are a few backyard or indoor bowls, but invite only.

    Mike C, what is the best mountain or which one do you prefer?

  5. May have to check out The Park someday.

    I grew up just outside Boston MA so I always snowboarded in NH, Maine, and VT. Pretty much any mountain you can think of up North I've been to.

    One of my friends went to school at App State near Boone, NC. He still is up there and works at one of the montains as an instructor. I always forget the name of it but that's my go to spot if I'm in the South.

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