Oct 4, 2010

Fall has been really good lately. Lot's of unexpected good waves have been washing ashore like today. We all knew there would be a little bump out there if you checked the forecast but not like what you saw when you got out there. Again, good times.

Tide was really high again. The waves were crashing so hard against this guy's house (sand dune) he woke up early.

The Waves

Tried a go at one of those motion blur shots


Media Day Free Surf
I was going to post this one yesterday but for some reason just didn't.

Where was everyone Monday afternoon? Must have been worn out or watching some football. Fine with me and the Folly Beach Surf Media. The Thomas Bros, myself, and literally 5 other people surfed some Monday Funday waves. Okay you didn't miss anything but good times.

And the dunes. Poor dunes. Silly humans. Really though, I don't know if Earl sucked all the sand off the beach but the tides have been extra high.

Few shots just for the fun of it

I'm standing on the stairs of the 2nd walkover at the Washout. Never seen the waves break this close to the steps. You actually were wading in waist deep water at the bottom of the steps.


*All shots taken with the 'old' lens


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  1. mike - the shots are looking amazing - the one below of the alaia slide is sweeeeet! that october lighting really pops behind your new lens!

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