Oct 26, 2010

Party Up

Follypalooza Party
Recently there have been many reasons to throw a party.  Two which come to mind are that it's still warm out, there are waves and the footage Bryant is putting together for the trailer I heard is phenomenal.  Massive things are coming to Folly for 2011.  Get focused.

Waves today, in my book, were fun.  You've been reading and hearing lately 'onshore is the new offshore.'  Well if you're apart of that camp you probably had a pretty good time the past two days.  I did.  The waves have looked terrible from the beach.  It looks like there is a huge current and there are no sections to be had.  But when you got out there the steep drops gave you enough speed to connect sections.  Good times.

The pictures were... eh.  Onshore winds may produce some fun sections but for taking photos; not so much.  A weird white sea haze fills the air which blows out all colors.  Nonetheless I have pictures from the past two days (only a few) and Follypalooza (few above).

That is all

Should be surf in the morning.  Cya there.

Mike C


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