Aug 30, 2010
As Hurricane Danielle jets off into the North Atlantic she left us with some lingering swell. I took a surf this morning and it was still pretty windy but there were some fun lines to be had. As the day progressed the winds eased and the swell dropped a bit but the early evening session was still fun.

Hurricane Earl Update

Earl has become a very powerful Major CAT 4 Hurricane with sustained winds well north of 130mph. Meteorologists are tracking him very closely. Computer models are predicting he will come even closer to the Carolinas than previous estimates.

"This is a good time to remind everyone that NHC average track forecast errors are 200 to 300 miles at days 4 and 5," says a NHC forecaster. Either way it looks like the Outer Banks is going to feel some direct effects from Earl.

Get ready for some well overhead swell pumping in starting Thursday.

Earl's current intensity and path warrants everyone in the Southeast to keep an eye on him. Stay tuned to the National Hurricane Center for urgent up to date information regarding Earls path and potential watches/warnings for the East Coast.

5 STARS ALL DAY!!! Yes that is the Folly Beach Forecast

Here are the pics from this evening.


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