Aug 28, 2010

She's Arrived

Thankfully I shot in cameraRAW instead of JPEG today (more editing power). It was super bright out with the sun in my face one minute and then cloud cover the next. Some are blown out; some are underexposed. Lot's of editing will have to be done to save many of the photos. Some are so blown out I'm wondering if I had some settings in my camera mixed up.

I am going out tomorrow morning to shoot very early. I work 8-3 and then I'll be out all afternoon shooting.

Here is a small sample of pictures from today.

This one shows how bright it got

There will be waves for the next week so be happy and better pics will come with better shooting conditions


Mike C.

Earlier Today Below

That NE wind is putting a damper on conditions though. Good thing is I have some pictures taken with the new lens. Currently I'm on the way to work but hopefully I'll be able to get out early and take some end of the day shots.

I'll do my best to get the photos up as quickly as possible.

No pics yet (sorry) just want to keep you guys informed. Check back later tonight.

Mike C update via cell phone


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