Aug 31, 2010

Lull Before the Storm

UPDATE: Looks like it will be worth a look tomorrow morning. Get up early and go surf. The big lens will be out.

Bye bye Danielle, I didn't really like you anyway. But hey she gave us waves. Now that she's sped off into the deep blue the whole Eastern United States has their eyes glued on Hurricane Earl's projected path. The Carolina's can be happy we have a high pressure system which will be sitting right over us as Earl barrels by. This high pressure system will most likely keep the Category 4 winds offshore for the Outer Banks which has the highest threat of landfall.

Like I said yesterday, stay tuned closely to the NHC for up to date information regarding the path of Earl. We've seen how storms this year can quickly change paths.

Earl's sustained winds are blowing at a steady 130mph and gusting to as much as 160mph. Keep the kids outta the water this Thursday. All I have to say is good old Folly better be able to handle what Earl is cookin up. She handled Bill let's see if she can tame Earl. Local winds are looking favorable also which will provide glassy to semi glassy conditions all day Thursday.

Did I mention Fiona and 98 L?

The tropical Atlantic has finally awaken. Once one storm fills our beaches with swell and fly's northward, two more pop up off the coast of Africa.

Getting crowded out there
Earl Fiona 98

I took a break from shooting at the beach today and decided to shoot some things around my neighborhood. I'm posting them up soon.

Little crooked and a train goes down these tracks everyday

I found this huge open field downtown (this was my first try at making a panorama. right as I finished this I saw photoshop can make one for time)


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