Aug 24, 2010

Hurricane Danielle

"The period of rapid intensification has ended with a thud." This statement comes from the latest forecast update from the National Hurricane Center. It looks as if the eye wall has become less organized to non existent and a mix of dry air (yellow arrows above) to the West Southwest is sputtering out Danielle's strength. Wind shear is also expected to pick up in the next 24 hrs which may be further detrimental to Danielle's strengthening.

It was just yesterday evening meteorologists were calling for rapid intensification! Hate to say I told you so but like I've been saying all along these storms and the atmospheric conditions around them are very hard to predict.

I never leave you worrying though. Danielle is still predicted to form into a Cat 2 hurricane and grace us with some swell by early next week.

And yes I will be taking photos during the peak days.

Danielle Stats:
Current Winds - 75mph
Speed - 20mph
Direction - WNW

Invest 96L

The NHC has also initiated coverage on another storm, Invest 96L, forming off the Cape Verde islands and they say there is a high chance, 90%, that Invest 96L will form into a tropical cyclone within the next 48 hours.

Surf This Morning...

...Wasn't great but it was cleaner than yesterday and lining up. I only took a few shots because the waves looked tiny on film.

sources: NHC, wunderground


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