Aug 29, 2010

Big Let Down

I know its a depressing title but it's just the way I feel about the Danielle swell. The swell was there but the wind won the fight. For two days straight we've had the worst wind conditions possible for a hurricane swell. Enough of the complaints though. It really took a toll on shooting conditions. The ratio of keepers to trash was very low.

The good

For how disorganized the conditions were I was able to take some decent pictures. I wish I could keep this lens I'm renting. Each photo I take with the pro glass is so much sharper than the lens I own.


Earl is expected to become a Major Cat 4 storm and come A LOT closer to us than Danielle had. It almost looks like the NWS may have to issue a Tropical Storm/Hurricane Watch for the Outer Banks. But since he is coming closer we will only see good sized waves for about a day and half. You won't hear any complaints from me because the NE/E wind is finally forecasted to back off just in time for Earl. And I'll have the lens until Friday so you guys will be able to see the difference between junk surf pictures and glassy surf pictures.

Keepers from this AM and PM

There are so few photos not because the image quality was lacking in most of the photos; it was the quality of the waves that was lacking. Windblown surf just doesn't look good.

Well see how the surf looks tomorrow. Most likely I'll be shooting/surfing, it's my day off.

You might be asking yourself, "Who got the best of the Danielle swell if it was blowing NE the whole time?" Your answer below. Photo taken by JBones.

Long Island NY
Click Here to see more of his work

Mike C

sources: wunderground, jbones (website?)


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