Aug 23, 2010

Date With Danielle

It's official she's a hurricane now. "The cyclone appears to be going through a period of rapid intensification," says the NHC. With a decrease in vertical wind sheer and as Danielle travels over warmer water, forecasters believe she will intensify into a major hurricane by the middle of the week. Currently sustained winds are in excess of 75mph.

A subtropical system is cause Danielle to have a more Westerly path which is good for us receiving swell. Towards the middle of the week a break will occur in the system that is keeping her on a W NW heading and she will form a new N NW path. No land impact is expected as she is expected to track to the East of Bermuda.

Will we get swell? It is pretty definite the East Coast will see some Danielle swell. Let's just hope local wind conditions cooperate. Look for the swell to start arriving at the latest early next week.

Surf Pictures Taken This Evening

I'm not sure why there were so many people surfing this afternoon but I got some okay shots. It was a tad dark so again pictures are suffering from motion blur. Trust me aperture was wide open, ISO was up, surfing is just a quick sport and my current lens set up for lack of a better

Surf Etiquette Section Above....

Blah I almost didn't want to post those. Quality in all is suspect. Wish lenses weren't so expensive.

Mike C


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